Bhakti Yaana

Bhakti Yaana (A Journey of Devotion) is a set of thematic songs on Lord Narayana and his incarnations. The songs signify the 16 routine chores (Shodashopacharas) that are performed in the temples and are on the various incarnations of Lord Narayana. It begins with waking up Lord Narayana followed by the dressing of infant Krishna by mother Yashoda and the adoration of adolescent Krishna by the Gopikas.

After the adoration, it progresses to marriage wherein Goddess Lakshmi is asked to which incarnation of Narayana she would choose to marry followed by the wedding of Sita and Rama. The wedding is followed by Naivedya (food offering), Aarati to all ten incarnations of Narayana and other songs that praise the valor of the Almighty. Bhakti Yaana concludes with a lullaby to the Lord.
The songs are accompanied by a brief commentary.