Bharatiya Samskriti Darshana – 11

The program Bharatiya Samskriti Darshana – 11 a Series of lecture demonstrations on the Origin and Development of Indian Culture through ages was conducted on Saturday, 2nd May 2015 at the center premises. It was a very unique and informative program by the veteran Gamaki Vidushi Gangamma Keshavamurthy who was accompanied by Vidushi Sunanda Gururaj for vyaakhyana. The topic for the day was Raama dhaaanya charitre of Saint Kanakadasa a work on class struggle highlighting the conflict between the strong and weaker castes and the rich and poor class. The story unfolds with an argument between two food grains- Rice representing the rich and Ragi symbolizing the economically weaker section. The two grains appeal before Lord Rama and plead for justice. Kanakadasa, in a very creative manner sends a powerful social message as an attempt to reform society.

It was well conducted by Karnataka Kalashree vidushi Gangamma Keshavamurthy, the chairperson of Karnataka Sangeeta Nritya Academy who is an expert in Gamaka with fluency in both Vaachana (singing) and Vyaakhyana (narration). She selected few poems and sang them in pure classical style, which were tuned by her.

The raga was very carefully incorporated so as to have a effective bhaava. It was a perfect blend of the sahitya, raga, rasa and bhaava. With her rich and sonorous voice, Gangamma touched the hearts of the listeners present there. With a credit of performing around 1,000 Gamaka concerts her dream is to propagate Gamaka in schools, colleges and every home in Karnataka which she will definitely achieve. Many are the honors and awards bestowed upon her and many more are yet to come.

Vidushi Sunanda Gururaj who accompanied Gangamma on Vyaakhyana, is a great scholar in Kannada and a good orator. Her narration to every poem was excellent and the duo mesmerized the audience with their scholarship. Students, Artists of different fields and connoisseurs were present. Harikatha vidwan Lakshmandas Velumkar, Nritya Guru B K Vasantalakshmi, musician Dr Uma Gopalaswamy were some of the experts attended.