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The royal patronage of Karnatak music dates back to the period of Kadambas and Chalukyas. It was during the reign of Hoysalas and Vijayanagar dynasties music, Dance and other fine arts reached to its peak. After the decline of Vijayanagar dynasty, Wodeyars the rulers of Mysore started growing strong. Though Yaduraya and his brother Krishnaraya were the originators of Wodeyar dynasty in the year 1399 AD, it was Raja Wodeyar (16th century) who reinstated the splendour of music and other arts in Mysore kingdom and conducting the celebrations of Dasara festival following the tradition of Vijayanagar rulers. Later Kings of this dynasty faithfully adhered to this Raja dharma.Many Musicians and Composers adorned the courts of Wodeyars.

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This book deals with Harikeshanallur Dr. L Mutthiah Bhagavathar’s, life, achievements and contributions in detail, along with the list of compositions and analysis of his style of composing.

Notations of select few compositions and some rare photographs of Bhagavathar add up to its uniqueness.

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Katha Keerthan is an ancient, unique inter-disciplinary art form of india. This form is popular with different names in various parts of India- Harikathe, Katha Kalakshepam, Katha Prasangam, Keethan, Sangeethopakhyana and so on. Though the names are different, the art forms’ structure is same.