All human beings want two things in life. Firstly they always want happiness or pleasure and secondly they never want unhappiness or pain.
Unfortunately pleasure and pain are a package and obviously a person cannot opt for one and leave the other.
The question is whether one can get infinite permanent happiness. For this question, our scriptures have a wonderful answer.
Our scriptures classify two types of happiness or Aananda:

  1.  Vishayaananda or external happiness that is temporary. Here one would be happy as long as the happiness giving item, person or a place is present but once it is gone then happiness will also disappear.
  2.  Aatmananda or internal happiness that is infinite and permanent. To get infinite and eternal happiness one has to turn to our scriptures.

To facilitate a person to tap this infinite happiness, Vanamala center is regularly posting articles on spirituality. The Center is also conducting bi monthly lectures Bharatiya Samskriti darshana, which deals with subjects of not only art but also spirituality.

Vanamala center has a library with large collection of reference books and CD’s on philosophy. Those interested can utilize the facility free of cost.