Sri Chakra Darshana

sri chakra darshana front coverIn what is probably first of its kind, a documentary on these Dikshitar’s kritis titled Sri Chakra Darshana has been released by Vanamala Art Foundation. The two hour film comes with complete detailed background of Devi worship traditions in India, and the place of these traditions in Sri Vidya practitioner Muthuswamy Dikshitar’s life and work, as also vocal renditions of Navavarna lyrics.

The documentary begins with a general introduction to the concept and forms of Sri vidya and Sri Chakra and goes on to the specifics of each composition. These 11 compositions are rendered here in their original format following the asampoorna mela paddhati and suladi sapta tala system as presented in Sangeeta Sampradaya Pradarshini.

The Visuals are pleasing and relevant, like the Shakti peethas for instance, the renditions melodious. Both English and Kannada versions use a simple, lucid script which goes a long way in demystifying the esoteric subject of the documentary and making comprehension easy. The documentary successfully explores and establishes the link between Carnatic music and spirituality.

We are also proud to announce that Sri Chakra Darshana has been officially selected for Culture Unplugged‘s 2013 Spirit Enlightened, an online documentary film festival.